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We Must Celebrate When Our Fellow Movie Geeks Do Good...


Nordling here.

Danny Trachtenberg is good people.  One of the hosts of The Totally Rad Show and former co-host of Geekdrome, he loves movies and has made forays into commercial work, as well as making a pretty great PORTAL fan film that made the rounds...

Now according to Deadline Trachtenberg has landed a project that will definitely make fans of the comic book pay close attention - he's been announced as the director of Y: THE LAST MAN.  Now, I like Danny.  He's been cordial and friendly the (few) times I've talked with him.  But this comic has a HUGE following, and these fans will eat him alive if he doesn't nail the landing.  So, Danny, friendly advice... turn off the Internet, grab Brian K. Vaughan's comics, and stick to the source material like glue.

Congratulations, and hopefully we'll get more online geeks like Danny Trachtenberg and C. Robert "Massawyrm" Cargill to make that leap into feature films.  I think it's only right that people who love the medium like we do stick our big toes in the water.  Good luck, Danny.

Nordling, out.

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