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This WRONG poster is all sorts of right!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm a big fan of director Quentin Dupieux's particular brand of random weird humor. Rubber, a movie about a killer sentient tire, just worked for me and his follow up, Wrong, which I guess is technically more mainstream, but only in the fact that it's about a guy looking for his lost dog instead of a tire with psychic powers stalking a hot girl through the desert, is another delightful descent into bizarro world.

My friends at Drafthouse Films have taken it on themselves to distribute this particular bit of insanity and have come up with a new poster, which is kind of perfect. It has a very Mondo-meet-s-Charlie-Kaufman vibe to it, does it not?

I think some of you are going to hate this movie, but those that don't are going to fall in love. Drafthouse Films is putting Wrong out on VOD February 1st and in limited theatrical run March 29th.

Just wait until you see William Fichtner in this thing...

-Eric Vespe
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