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THE LAST EXORCISM 2 has a trailer - this looks more freaky than the first.

Hey folks, Harry here...  I haven't heard much at all about the sequel to THE LAST EXORCISM - a film that I quite enjoyed, but the film was a slow build to...  insanity - and I liked the actors in the film.   Here, we're focused on the surviving focal point of that film...  and like MONSTER UNIVERSITY - it seems to be about when she went to college... and the notion of that limber possessed girl turned loose on a campus... well it makes me happy - I'm especially hoping she's in a Sorority - I can see this getting pretty spooky if you let yourself get carried away with it - and let's face it, that's the best way to watch horror.   It could also be that she's at a victim's shelter - which would be even more f'd up.   Whatever, we're headed to New Orleans and looks like we're gonna get a voodoo exorcism.  That's better than the faker!  You have to believe a little.   Here's the trailer:


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