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Want To See 20 Seconds Of Nicolas Winding Refn's ONLY GOD FORGIVES?

Nordling here.

Thanks to Slashfilm for finding this.

We don't have a trailer yet, or even a release date.  But there are few movies this year as anticipated as ONLY GOD FORGIVES, Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling's next collaboration.  Their last one, DRIVE, was in my opinion the best film of 2011, so ONLY GOD FORGIVES has a pretty high bar to jump over.  Judging from this 20 second clip montage, Refn and Gosling may have come close.  It's difficult to tell since it's only brief, but it doesn't look like Refn's holding back on the violence any.  ONLY GOD FORGIVES opens sometime this year - likely after a premiere at Cannes.  Here's the clip:

Nordling, out.


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