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The Kidd Has The Winners For Monday Night's Advance Screening Of GANGSTER SQUAD In Miami!!

The Kidd here...

So apparently there were some email gremlins lurking the past 48 hours, eating up, bouncing back and just really screwing with entries trying to make their way in front of me. As a result, some entries may not have made it through, and I am truly sorry about that... those issues look to have finally been resolved. But it means you probably didn't make it into consideration for tickets to this advance screening of GANGSTER SQUAD Monday night. For those of you whose gangster names did maneuver the internet labyrinth, I've got 50 names that made the cut, and, having seen the film just the other night, I get the feeling a lot of you are going to have fun with this one. 

Remember... this is NOT an Ain't It Cool News exclusive, so you're going to want to get out to the theatre early if you not only want to get a good seat but make sure you get in as the theatre has been overbooked to make sure there's a full house. Emails will be going out immediately with all the details you need for ticket retrieval, so keep an eye out for those. If, for some reason, you haven't gotten anything by Sunday, email me right away, and I'll get that out to you ASAP. Don't wait until Monday to let me know there's a problem, because I might not be able to help you that late in the game. 

Here we go:

  • Kevin Alayon (+1)
  • Roke Almeida (+1)
  • Onel Alvarez (+1)
  • Pedro Alvarez (+1)
  • Eduardo Arias (+1)
  • Joseph Armas (+1)
  • Joseph Bronstein (+1)
  • Salomon Carrasco (+1)
  • Alex Cura (+1)
  • Jose Del Rio (+1)
  • Judy Del Rio (+1)
  • Miguel Duarte (+1)
  • Antwon Emery (+1)
  • Adrian Farinas (+1)
  • Alex Francisco (+1)
  • Angel Franco (+1)
  • Angela Garcia (+1)
  • Leslie Gaynor (+1)
  • Manuel Gonzalez (+1)
  • Tommy Gonzalez (+1)
  • Sean Iravani (+1)
  • Dvid Katz (+1)
  • Rameez Khan (+1)
  • Nandita Koodie (+1)
  • John Licona (+1)
  • Jason Lobel (+1)
  • Katharine Lorenzo-Machado (+1)
  • Natacha Madrid (+1)
  • Sasha Maldonado (+1)
  • Nigel Manderson (+1)
  • Alexander Mapes (+1)
  • Cassandra Martinez (+1)
  • Thomas McDermott (+1)
  • Dylan Mead (+1)
  • Chris Munoz (+1)
  • Todd Okolichany (+1)
  • Rob Osborn (+1)
  • James Pampolina (+1)
  • Dean Reynolds (+1)
  • Eddie Rios (+1)
  • Valeska Rodriguez (+1)
  • David Rolland (+1)
  • Miguel Sahagun (+1)
  • Daniel Sanchez (+1)
  • Jaime Santamaria (+1)
  • Brad Seldin (+1)
  • Daniella Silva (+1)
  • Carole Slonin (+1)
  • Barbara Weintraub (+1)
  • Jason Wooldridge (+1)

That's it. That's the list.

Keep a look out for those emails, and I'll see you Monday night. Thanks again to Warner Bros. for setting this up with us. 

-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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