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Bill Plympton needs your help to complete his 7th awesome Independent Animated Feature - that he animates alone!

Hey folks, Harry here...   You familiar with Bill Plympton's independent one man show brand of Animated features?  Bill is amazing, but so far the stardom I feel Bill deserves has eluded him.   Which means every single one of his Animated films have depended upon the kindness of strangers.  Now, with Kickstarter, it's time for all of us to lend a helping hand!   Bill's making CHEATIN' - his 7th feature animated film that he will solely animate.   Think about that.  Feature length 2D hand drawn by a single animator flicks.  It boggles the mind.   And the films have always delighted audiences!   Taking part in this has all manners of special incentives for donating - plus - check out all the VIMEO peeks at the work in progress.  Bill's just amazing and we've got 27 days to go to fully finance this thing!   Bill dropped me an email seeing if AICN would help his cause - and the answer is OF COURSE!  Going to set Bill up with an interview on AICN LEGENDS shortly, but man - let's get this one over the top!


Now, here's the Kickstarter page for this awesome madness!!!

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