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Jonathan says GANGSTER SQUAD is worth checking out!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   We've been a little light on the advance fan reviews lately and I'd like to start turning that around.   You see a film early, let us hear about it and we'll share your opinion with folks like yourself everywhere.   GANGSTER SQUAD is one of the films I really want to see.   I love a good gangster flick, although most of those were shot in the Gangster era of the 30s and 40s.   It's the rhythm of the language and the dialogue from those flicks...  written by folks like Ben Hecht, who knew the real life gangsters that he translated to the screen.   The cast on this film looks amazing - here's what Jonathan thought - very spoiler light...


Hi Harry, 

Not seen many fan review submissions on the site lately so not sure if you want to use this.
Just back from a free screening of Gangster Squad thanks to the kind folks at Sky TV here in Scotland.

I'll keep this spoiler light, considering the reshoots might not be widely known. It was a great flick. Another way to describe it is a simple film. It has a simple plot, the character motivations are simple and the resolution is simple. This is a breath of fresh air to me as I get sick of convoluted plots and obvious double crossing etc.  

Quick plot update; Micky Cohn (Penn) is an East Coast gangster on the West Coast. He believes it's his destiny to "own" L.A. O'Mara (Brolin) is the good cop just back from the war who goes up against some of Cohn's goons single handed. This catches the attention of the Chief (Nolte) who tells him to put together said "Gangster Squad" to go up against Cohn. That's where Goslng, Mackie, Patrick, Pena and Ribisi come in. As I said above each character has a simple motivation for signing up and going head to head with the mobsters. 

On the reshot ending, it was perfectly fine. Still plenty of guns and a big shoot out. It appears a simple change of location from the original cinema setting was all that was ordered.  

The movie has an fantastic cast from Penn to Pena everyone brings something to the table. As you would expect Ryan Gosling steals every scene he is in. Robert Patrick was solid in a great supporting role. My only gripe was with Emma Stone and let me clear she was great, just a little too by the numbers. A stereotypical moll with the heart of gold. Oh and Nick Nolte, who could have been the Dark Knight in a previous life with that voice, was a delight. Everyone gets their moment to shine, but it doesn't feel forced as it can in other ensemble pieces. 

Direction, cinematography, effects etc were all solid. I'm not a film scholar so won't pretend to speak to much to that. 

All in all a movie worth your attention.

If you use this call me Jonathan. 

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