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John Dies At The End gets a groovy alternate poster!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here getting ready to head out to the (temporary) closing of the Alamo South Lamar. They’re undergoing a big ol’ renovation and will be bigger and badder than ever when they reopen in September, but to celebrate the Alamo that was they’re doing a huge closing night event where each of their 6 screens are running cool movies that represent what makes the Alamo the Alamo. One screen is a quote along of The Big Lebowski, one is a Drafthouse Films screening of Wrong (which is awesome, by the way) and one of the screens is playing John Dies at the End with director Don Coscarelli in attendance.

I’m a fan of the flick, but now I’m starting to wonder if this crazy Soy Sauce stuff from the David Wong’s book and Coscarelli’s adaptation isn’t real since it seems like an awfully huge coincidence that as I prepare to head over there a nifty alternate poster for the film hits the net.

The folks at ComingSoon/ShockTillYouDrop got the debut (head over to get the high res version, why dontcha?) and you can check it out below. John Dies is available on VOD and hits some theaters at the end of the month. It’s cool. Go watch it!

Excuse me, my hot dog is ringing. I gotta answer it. Enjoy the poster!


-Eric Vespe
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