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The Last Exorcism II poster is all bent out of shape

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a look at the new poster for horror sequel The Last Exorcism II. I know that the title of the first film was changed partway through the process and The Last Exorcism was chosen. It's a good title, but when the movie becomes successful and spawns sequels (as money-making horror films tend to do) the title starts looking a bit silly.

The Last Exorcism II is a bit of a conflict as a title, but what were they going to do? Go the spoof route and name it Another Last Exorcism?

Anyway, the poster is below and features a girl (is that Ashley Bell? Looks like her...) bent up in a number 2 shape. Yahoo debuted the image. Enjoy!


Last Exorcism II poster


-Eric Vespe
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