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Wanna see a cool 2013 movie right now? JOHN DIES AT THE END is available & here's a featurette with Paul Giamatti

Hey folks, Harry here...  Man...  that Talkback overhaul seems to be going better than anticipated - and while I have absolute control over AICN for a bit, I figured I would post this Featurette on Don Coscarelli's JOHN DIES AT THE END - I just watched this on my iTunes last night - and it's a Coscarelli flick alright!  I love how Don makes use of dream logic and a completely dedicated WEIRD vibe.   It's one of the things I always loved about PHANTASM, that weirdness.   The film is about a pair of friends and some wicked awesome soy sauce shots that open your mind to... well, everything.  Isn't really a horror film or science fiction or fantasy..  but is kind of all of those all at once.   There's a moment with an amputee that I thought was so incredibly awesome I just didn't know what to do.   But as of right now, you can rent JOHN DIES AT THE END on iTunes and other VOD services.   But here...  let Paul tell ya more:


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