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Guillermo Del Toro would like to introduce you to the short film MAMA, which inspired him to produce the feature!

Published at: Dec. 28, 2012, 5:02 p.m. CST by AICNStaff

Hey folks, Harry here...  When Universal approached me to see if I would like to play MAMA at Butt-Numb-A-Thon, I instantly said I'd need to see it first.  That was before I knew it was Guillermo Del Toro's production.   I'd heard the title before, but it didn't stick.  Then I saw the film and fell madly in love with it.   Until just a bit ago, I hadn't seen the original short film which hooked Guillermo up with MAMA's director Andy Muschietti.   I'm the kind of Horror fan that as I watch a horror film, I try to imagine being the characters and living through the story.   In MAMA, the character I mainly associate with is Jessica Chastain's.  I love her character.   She's a part of a rock band, doesn't really wants children...  In a relationship with this wonderfully handsome artist that is obsessed with finding his missing nieces.  And he finds them.   And they are haunted.   And scary shit is in abundance.   I love good scary films.  The MAMA short is a good scary little short, but realize the dynamics between the kids and MAMA are a bit different in the final film - and there's a lot more to the finished film, which plays like a modern Grimm's Fairy Tale with a bittersweet heart.   I'll write up a full review closer to release.   For now, here's Guillermo:


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