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John Ary here with a look at a few action figure lines making headlines recently. As always click on the photos for an embiggened pic and for more information follow the pre-order links... 



Django Unchained from NECA

To put it bluntly, Django Unchained is a badass film. Now you can reenact as many bloody, curse word-laden scenes from the movie as you want with this new line of action figures. Django, Schultz, Candie, Stephen, Broomhilda and Butch make up this wave of 8-inch figures with tailored western clothing, authentic weapons and accessories. They are available now at retail and at NECA’s Amazon store.



Back to the Future from LEGO

It is now official. Marty McFly, Doc and their time machine will soon be made into a building block set. In June, a couple of BTTF fans entered their set into the LEGO CUUSOO project. It beat out other sets based on EVE Online, The Legend of Zelda and the wild west. LEGO is still working in coordination with it’s licensing partners and should have the new set available in mid-2013. For more information about how the set was selected and its competition visit the official LEGO CUUSOO blog.



Scar the Predator from Hot Toys

Aliens vs. Predator may have been a huge letdown to fans from both franchises, but Hot Toys hopes to mitigate some of the damage with a new 1/6 scale action figure of Scar. You may remember how this blooded predator arrived on Earth with his brothers Celtic and Chopper to complete a rite of passage involving xenomorphs in an ancient pyramid in Antarctica. If you don't remember or never saw the film, you're probably better off. The figure will feature more than 22 points of articulation, netting on the body and arms, an interchangeable expanded mouth, 6 interchangeable hands, an articulated shoulder cannon, an extendable spear, one metal dagger with sheath, a shuriken, another shuriken with blades, a detachable face mask with LED light-up function, forearm armor with 6 interchangeable wrist blades, body armor, figure stand and more. Scar will hit the streets in May or you can pre-order him here.



Aliens Wave 1 from NECA

Game Over Man!!! Game Over!!! Check out NECA’s upcoming series of action figures based on the film Aliens. The first 7-inch wave will feature Hicks, Hudson and an alien warrior. Look for these to drop in the Spring or you can pre-order the set here.



The Power Lords from The Four Horsemen

Who didn't love the Power Lords from the early 80′s? Who are the Power Lords you ask? They were a line of extraterrestrial warrior action figures from Revell. Apparently The Four Horsemen know who they are because they want to revive the toy line. In February they plan to unveil the prototypes to their new Power Lord series of action figures at a special event called Toypocalypse 3: Extra-Toyrrestrial. The team plans to keep fans up-to-date with news about their new series of toys at


And finally this week, one of my favorite stop-motion artists has put out a new video. Kyle Roberts has redone the opening of the X-Men cartoon from the 90's using Marvel Legends and it's awesome. You can see more of his work here. Also be sure to watch for him as one of the 15 contestants on Syfy's Viral Video Showdown.

That's it for now. For more toy news updates follow my toy blog on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel. Happy holidays!!!



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