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Just in time for the apocalypse! Seth Rogen's newly retitled THIS IS THE END gets a redband trailer!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. He we are, on the eve of the end of all things and Seth Rogen had to go and release the very first trailer for his end of the world comedy formerly known as The End of the World and now called This Is The End.

I guess The End of the World sounded too close to Edgar Wright's The World's End and Rogen and company did the honorable thing and deferred. Anyway, now we have a movie called This Is The End and that newly retitled film has a spiffy redband trailer filled with dick-sucking jokes, Craig Robertson drinking precious bodily fluids and the realization for many that all the comedy superstars in the film are in fact playing themselves.

Count me in, should I wake up tomorrow that is.




-Eric Vespe
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