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Had you asked me this time last year about my prediction for best of 2012, it would have been THE GREAT GATSBY

Hey folks, Harry here...   The greatest film loss of 2012 was when Fox moved THE GREAT GATSBY from this holiday season, to Summer 2013.   I love F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel - and I haven't been overly fond of any of the adaptations.   Redford was who I imagined playing Gatsby when I read the book, but when I saw his version...  it seemed a tad artificial.  Great script, cinematography, score... but it didn't pop for me.  Of the existing film adaptations, I prefer the Alan Ladd 40's telling of Gatsby...  but just looking at the two trailers that Baz has hit us with, this is the version I'm dying for.   He's got the Twenties roaring the way they oughta..   Here, take a look:


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