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Here's A New Trailer, MotherSmurfers!!


By many estimations, 2011's SMURFS movie was the apex of director Raja Gosnell's career.  I'll let you make what you will out of that sentence, but I actually intend it favorably.  The film turned out to be far sweeter and more entertaining than I was expecting, and more consistent in style and tone than Gosnell's previous work.'s still a Gosnell SMURF

With this in  mind, here's a trailer for the follow-up to that film.  It's inspirationally entitled THE SMURFS 2, and Gosnell will once again helm the returning Neal Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Hank Azaria, and the friggin' hot Sofia Vergaga.  

I think the first picture would've worked far better if it had remained set in Smurfland, or whatever the fuck that place is called - and I thought those sequences were inventively and interestingly realized in the movie.    I was hoping  this new film would spend more time there, or perhaps be set entirely there.  Alas, this trailer doesn't make this appear to be the case.

We'll see when SMURFS 2 hits theaters July 2013...





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