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Matthew Senreich And Zeb Wells Give Mr. Beaks An Exclusive, Larry Hama-fied Peek At ROBOT CHICKEN'S ATM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!


"The first fifteen minutes is all wookie talk!"

I'm supposed to be discussing ROBOT CHICKEN'S ATM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL with producer Matthew Senreich and writer Zeb Wells, but the topic of conversation has abruptly shifted to an entirely different holiday special. One of the STAR WARS variety.

"Have we ever found anyone that has actually sat through the entire STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL?" asks Wells. "We've tried here at ROBOT CHICKEN. We've gotten parties together and tried, but we can never quite make it all the way through."

"The STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL stars Boba Fett in my mind," says Senreich. "The rest doesn't exist."

ROBOT CHICKEN'S ATM CHRISTMAS SPECIAL may not feature Boba Fett, but it does have Larry Hama, who, to my mind, is far preferable to some armored goofball who gets swallowed by a vagina in the middle of the desert. The comic-book-writing legend is just one of many guests on what's become an annual highlight of ROBOT CHICKEN's season. There's also Seth MacFarlane, Elizabeth Banks, Henry Winkler and Michaela Watkins. It airs at midnight on Sunday, December 16th, and judging from the merriment in this exclusive clip, it could be their funniest Christmas special yet.



Other than Santa bombing North America with gift-wrapped destruction, what else can you expect from this year's special? Well, Jason Bourne turns up, as does Jim Carrey's Grinch, which promises to be a deeply un-fond tribute to Ron Howard's Christmas non-classic. But it's all about the Hama really. And while Hama's comic book credits are varied, for ROBOT CHICKEN's Seth Green, it's all about G.I. JOE.

"G.I. JOE is above STAR WARS in Seth's ranking of geek culture," laughs Senreich. "His favorite issue is G.I. JOE #21. The silent issue."

As for Hama's role in the special, Senreich and Wells are secretive. All they'll say is that he's live-action and badder than ever.

"We're getting the full Hama experience," boasts Wells. "It's not motion-Hama. It's pure, lady-killing Hama."

Tune in Sunday at midnight to see what that entails.

Faithfully submitted,

Mr. Beaks

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