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Check Out This Exclusive Clip For THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here popping in from a wild safari (or on a lunch break from work - you decide) and I've got a special treat, a clip from director Barry Battles's new film: THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS. To be honest, the movie wasn't even on my radar until now, but the clip's piqued my interest, plus it's got a damn talented cast with Billy Bob Thorton, Zoe Bell, Agnes Bruckner, and Eva Longoria.

"After her ex-husband shoots Celeste three times in the gut and kidnaps her godson, it's time to play dirty. She hires three outlawed, redneck brothers to bring him back to her. What begins as a small rescue mission rises to a Southern battle royale." 

THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS hits theaters in January and has already popped up on VOD (December 4th). If you like what you see in the clip, give it a shot or go hit up the film's website. I've not seen the movie, so I can't speak to it's awesomeness, but I do plan on checking it out come January.

So what are your thoughts? Dig it? Hate it? Shoot off in the Talkbacks below!



- Mike McCutchen




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