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AICN HORROR: Looking for some last minute horror gift ideas? How about some jewelry from the mind of Clive Barker!?!

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Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here with a special holiday post! Looking for that last minute holiday gift idea for that special ghoul or goblin in your life?

Well, I was just made privy to a website selling some awesome jewelry designed by Clive Barker! From Rock Love Jewelry comes the Clive Barker Convergences Collection, unique jewelry birthed from mind of the Master of Horror and Fantasy himself.

The collection consists of three designs;

Crossroads which is from Barker’s children’s book series, ABARAT. Here’s the rundown; In 1995 Clive began painting huge dream-images which were wholly unlike his previous paintings. He began to think of them as the illustrations for a collection of 25 tales; a 'Book of Hours' which would describe all the emotions of a day, hour by hour (with an extra, mystical 25th hour). The Book Of Hours became a whole world - The Abarat - and as the paintings kept coming, so the story grew and grew into a series of four, and then five books. The cross pendant is solid nickel-free sterling silver and engraved with Clive Barker's signature on the reverse.

Next up is Spiral Eclipse and it’s from ABARAT as well. Solid nickel-free sterling silver, this one is engraved by Barker on the back too.

Last and most definitely my favorite is Eye of the Storm. Again engraved by Barker and solid nickel-free sterling silver. This one is from JUMP TRIBE. Explained as follows; Jump Tribe is an entire world based on a huge, five-canvas-wide painting by Clive - known as The Bestiary - consisting of 240 miniature creatures.

I don’t mind getting all Home Shopping Network here knowing that there are folks out there like me scrambling for new and unique ideas for those special someones (or somethings) in their lives. These little baubles are not only damn cool, but pretty affordable too! Hells, I wouldn’t mind a couple for myself!

For more amazing stuff from the esteemed Mr. Barker, check out his website here and his Facebook page here!

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