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Dennis Haysbert Steps In For The Late Michael Clarke Duncan On SIN CITY 2!!

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Dennis Haysbert (24, MAJOR LEAGUE) is now lined up to join the cast of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR, stepping into the role of Manute, played initially by the late Michael Clarke Duncan in the first film. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Manute is essential to SIN CITY 2, featuring prominently in the central A DAME TO KILL FOR story, which tells the tale of Dwight (originally played by Clive Owen; still no word on Owen's return yet) and his dangerously complicated relationship with a femme fatale named Ava (Angelina Jolie? Rachel Weisz?). How does Manute factor in? He's the right-hand man of Ava's husband, which puts Dwight in some deep shit.

Manute isn't the only role recast for the sequel, with Jamie Chung filling in for Devon Aoki as Miho.

SIN CITY 2 is currently in the midst of production (although on a break right now in Austin), but things have been very quiet on the film's front, in regards to certain pieces of casting. Hmmm... time to start digging for some info.


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