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Some Very Cool Concept Art From Joseph Kosinki's TRON LEGACY Follow-Up, OBLIVION!!

Some lovely and intriguing concept art for OBLIVION (starring Tom Cruise) has appeared online, via i09.  This one's from Joseph Kosinki, the visual mastermind who brought us TRON LEGACY back in 2010.  A film I enjoyed tremendously, despite a few pacing issues.  Saw a bit of it again on cable the other night.  Even knowing what's coming, some of style its imagery truly knocks me out.  

A few samples from of i09's OBLIVION gallery images appear any pic to see more!  



Also starring Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko, and featuring a score by M.8.3, OBLIVION is scheduled to release July 2013.  


Thanks to David for the calling these pics to our attention!  





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