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Some Images From Titan Books' Neww DARK SHADOWS: THE VISUAL COMPANION!!

Here's a quick look at Titan Books' new DARK SHADOWS: THE VISUAL COMPANION, a 191ish page exploration of the making of Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS big screen adaptation which released theatrically in May.

Titan sent over some images from the publication, which is a combination of design work, some rather lovely/classy BTS stills, and a generous amount of written context from author Mark Salisbury.  

While not necessarily evident herein (due to the image selection I was sent), the book is filled with dazzlingly rendered, highly atmospheric production art which suggest a visually affecting film that...well...didn't end up on-screen. 

DARK SHADOWS: THE VISUAL COMPANION is newly issued and available HERE.  It's a lovely companion piece to a film which never really found its way either commercially or artistically, and an intriguing and sometimes frustrating hint of what might've been...






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