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BNAT 14 Goodie Bag: Got Swag to Contribute?

“Monty Cristo” here.



Right to the point: if you have a comic, DVD, product of some sort that you’d like to contribute to this year’s BNAT Goodie Bag, which all BNATers and Special Visiting Guests receive, email me HERE:


Past years have seen all sorts of shirts, discs, players, game systems, and cool swag of all kinds included. Past years have seen game systems, disc players, and loads of awesome stuff.


People like the geniuses at Kino Lorber have already committed to sending a ton of discs of all sorts, and many others are tossing items in as well.


If you have 200 of something to send, send me an email now! We want to make sure that everyone gets what you have to give.


All items MUST BE RECEIVED BY WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5TH at the very latest. We have to stuff the bags that week.



BNATers: keep an eye out for Bag Stuffing Party info, coming soon!




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