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Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Bring THE HEAT In New Trailer!!

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Men have long dominated buddy cop movies, but in light of films like BRIDESMAIDS, which have now proven to Hollywood that women will turn out in droves for films geared towards them, the ladies are getting the keys to the squad car for Paul Feig's next film, THE HEAT.

There's long been this assumption that audiences don't want to see women acting crude and raunchy in their entertainment, but Feig disproved that notion with a strong script written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo just last year, opening the doors for all types of female-driven comedies.

Feig has brought back Melissa McCarthy, teamed her up with a straight-laced Sandra Bullock, and now we're supposed to just watch the hijinks unfold, as evidenced by the new trailer unveiled by 20th Century Fox. 

Scripted by PARKS AND RECREATION writer Katie Dippold, THE HEAT absolutely has the potential to rake in some bucks from audiences of all demographics, and besides, who's ever really turned down an entertaining buddy cop flick?

-Billy Donnelly

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