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Derrickson And Cargill Together Again For DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION!!

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Another day and yet another video game property moves forward (Quint is looking more and more like a genius every day) and this one brings the SINISTER pairing of Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill (better known to most of you as Massawyrm) back together to tackle the big screen adaptation of Square Enix's DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION for CBS Films, with the duo penning the script and Derrickson then heading behind the camera to direct. 

The DEUS EX series has been going strong since its launch back in 2000, but it was HUMAN REVOLUTION just last year that really took the series to a whole new level in both its gameplay and its mainstream popularity. 

The film will very much remain based around ex-SWAT security specialist Adam Jensen, who has to come to terms with mechanical augments in the not-too-distant future to unravel and expose a global conspiracy during this time of great advances in technology and science. 

I exchanged messages with Cargill once the announcement was made, and he informed me that he has long been a fan of the DEUS EX series, and while, he's quite familiar with all three games in the franchise, it's HUMAN REVOLUTION that he knows the best. 

There's no targeted time frame for the script to get finished and then to head into production just yet, but he let me know that everyone was pretty excited to get things moving forward as of now. 

I was a big fan of SINISTER, which has me hopeful here, but furthermore, when you put a video game property in the hands of fans of that particular game, you can't help but be optimistic... not an easy thing considering the track record of video game to movie adaptations. 

Fingers crossed.


-Billy Donnelly

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