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Not since Bond escorted the Queen has reality been this warped! Dori pledging his services to Prince Charles as Peter Jackson visibly giggles behind him!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...   There are many reasons I love Peter Jackson as a being on Planet Earth.  Whether it is because he's the best damn DEREK that there's ever been, or directing smack addicted puppets in a film with a song entitled SODOMY, or...  well, this could be a very long list...   But it's the devil in him I love most.   Peter has that little boy devil inside of him.   He gets notions, and once he gets the notion, it is something that must be seen through.   Today, in England, that's what was reported to me, but that looks like WETA behind them.   Peter Jackson had Mark Hadlow (DORI from THE HOBBIT) in full makeup and costume present himself and his services to that of Prince Charles.

Now - who is Mark Hadlow?   Well, if you remember MEET THE FEEBLES, remember the really sweet fresh cast member who shows up for his first horrific day of reality on THE FEEBLES.   In many ways, it is the plot of Disney's latest MUPPET movie.  But that sweet voice was Hadlow.  Also BARRY THE BULLDOG.   AND the psychotic Hippo, HEIDI, perhaps one of the most amazing characters in film history.   He also played my favorite character of Peter's KING KONG remake...  HARRY!  Played by DORI, the cross-dressing hippo, kneeling before Prince Charles...   and just listen to the conversation.   And listen to those giggles of Peter as he's documenting the moment in history because...  it needed to happen.   This is so very cool...



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