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"I've Been In This Game For A Lot Of Years..." - A New Trailer For GRAND THEFT AUTO V Rides Into Town!!

The Kidd here...

One can't ignore the influence the GRAND THEFT AUTO series has had on the film and television industry since its inception, and likewise, you can't become immersed in Vice City or San Andreas or Liberty City and not see signs of the films and TV shows that have helped pave the way for GTA to have gotten to this incredible level of popularity. I know video game news only pops up on here when it's something really worthwhile, and today is one of those days with Rockstar giving us a much deeper look at what they have heading our way next Spring with GRAND THEFT AUTO V.

If you've got yourself an Xbox 360 of a PS3, you know you're picking this thing up next year on launch day, and, with the prospect of not one... not two... but potentially three character storylines to follow as the open sandbox gets a lot bigger, GTA V... well, I don't need to tell you how many awesome hours this is going to eat up of our collective lives.


-Billy Donnelly

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