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Jack Nicholson Could Be Robert Downey Jr.'s Pappy In THE JUDGE!


Beaks here...

Would you like to see a juicy courtroom drama starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Nicholson? Of course you would! Would you like to see one directed by David Dobkin (FRED CLAUS, THE CHANGE-UP) and written by Nick Schenk (ROBOCOP remake, GRAN TORINO)? Probably not!

Split the difference, and maybe THE JUDGE will end up being a enjoyable night out at the movies. The good news is that, according to THR's Borys Kit, Downey is producing and handling the rewrite - which means he'll basically be running the show throughout the shoot. The story concerns an attorney (Downey) who returns home for his mother's funeral only to learn that his Alzheimer's-ailing father (Nicholson) has been charged with her murder. He is then compelled to defend his father in court, which, according to Kit, leads to him "becoming a better person". That's nice.

Nicholson is currently in the "being courted" stage, but if Downey really wants him, he'll get him. I love the pairing, but the project sounds dreadfully dull. Prove me wrong, guys!

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