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La-La Land Records Invites You To Boldly Go Where No Label Has Gone Before

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here offering up a little nugget that is making huge waves in the film and television music industry. A couple months ago I remember reading on La-La Land Records' Facebook page that they were announcing some pretty big soundtrack-related news...probably the biggest of all time. Ya, nice hype. I know LLL's reputation is soaringly high but whenever you quantify something with "all time" you have to raise an eyebrow and temper expectations.

It turns out, they were probably right.


La-La Land Records' has announced they are releasing STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION; a limited edition 15-CD mega-box set featuring all the music from every episode of the original STAR TREK series. Composers featured during the show's three-year run are Alexander Courage, George Durning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore, and Fred Steiner.

Included in the set will be 100 pages worth of in-depth liner notes penned by STAR TREK music expert-extraordinaire Jeff Bond. It will retail for $225.00 (tax included).

Whether you are an ardent fan of the original series or not, this is indeed an extremely significant release, and yes, could be one of the most significant in the history of releasing soundtracks. It's epic scope, scale, and ambition are unparalleled. There's no doubt fans have been clamoring for such a release but the sheer magnitude of work involved putting this together made it highly unlikely it would ever happen.

Thanks to La-La Land Records, it will be a reality.

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, LLL will release this historic box-set on December 3, 2012. To commemorate the event, there will be a public screening of two classic STAR TREK episodes, "Mirror, Mirror" and "Amok Time," followed by a discussion with original series composer Gerald Fried and writer David Gerrold. The evening will be hosted by box-set co-producer and liner note writer Jeff Bond.

The event is completely free and all attendees will get a complimentary small popcorn and soda. There will also be a T-shirt giveaway and more prizes. The actual box-set isn't for sale online until December 4th, so this event is also your chance to grab this box set a day early.

It will be held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA on December 3, 2012 at 7:30PM. It's free but you do have to reserve your spot by RSVP'ing online. Click HERE to visit the page and reserve your seat today!





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