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Ain't It Cool’s TV Critic Chats Up Actor/ Author Kevin Sorbo!! Brace Also For Wide-Ranging Speculation On STAR WARS: EPISODE VII!! Listen And Call In LIVE Saturday 8pm PT/11pm ET!!

I am – Hercules!!

The KERN Krew’s last show before the election will be focused of course upon 2015’s “Star Wars Episode VII.”

Likely topics:

* Will we want to see it if Mark Hamill (61), Carrie Fisher (56) and Harrison Ford (70) don’t return?

* Do we want to see them playing supporting characters while most of the movie follows Shia LaBeouf as broody Todd Solo?

* Does it seriously have to be about a third Death Star?

* Should they adhere to the continuity in the novels?

* If they dip Harrison Ford in Carbonite in 2018, will they be able to fish him out in 2021?

* Will it be as good as director Dave Filoni’s 2008 “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” movie with the gay Hutt? (19% positive on Rotten Tomatoes!)

* Who wrote those treatments?

* Should George Miller write and direct it? Whedon? Abrams? Cameron? Tarantino? The Coen Bros.? Bird? Woo? Fincher? Rian Johnson? Spielberg said once he wanted to direct one.

* Should they go the “Skyfall” route and pick a talented filmmaker known more for character work than big-budget action? David Mamet? Aaron Sorkin? Jason Reitman? David Benioff & D.B. Weiss? Ronald D. Moore? David O. Russell? Richard Linklater? Kenneth Longergan? Jason Katims?

* Who should star? Tim Olyphant? Dominic West? Mark Ruffalo? Billy Burke? Jonathan Banks? Idris Elba? Mandy Patinkin? Jared Harris? Dennis Haysbert? Michael Stuhlbarg? Jeremy Irons? Olivia Thirlby? Olivia Williams? Maisie Williams? James Purefoy? Charles Dance? Titus Welliver? Ray Stevenson? Andre Braugher? Sarah Ramos? Anna Kendrick? Elizabeth Olsen? Caroline Dhavernis? Mila Kunis? Michelle Dockery? Emily Van Camp? Evangeline Lilly? Cody Horn? Paul Bettany? Bruce Dern? John Hawkes? Robert Duvall? Tom Conti? Sean Connery? Garret Dillahunt?

* Will we learn at last why Uncle Owen wore Jedi robes?

The gang will also be speaking to another Hercules, genre fave Kevin Sorbo, whose autobiography “True Strength” just hit shelves.

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