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So you didn’t make it to the 2012 New York Comic Con? AICN COMICS has some panels you can still enjoy! Part 4: THE IMAGE COMICS EXPERIENCE and GARTH ENNIS & AVATAR!!!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here. So you’re all in a huff because you didn’t get to check out the New York Comic Con this year (October 11-14th). Well, fear not. AICN COMICS is here to help you out. Friend of AICN COMICS Jamie Coville took video of some choice panels at this year’s NYCC and was kind enough to share them with all of us. Check out James’ site here. And look for more panels all week from the 2012 NYCC!



The Image Comics Experience (57:33, 52.7mb)
A group of male image comic creators were on this panel to talk about their upcoming work and other books being announced. On the panel were Kieron Gillen, Andy Diggle, James Asmus, Jim Festante, Jim McCann and Jonathan Hickman. The panel was moderated by Eric Stephenson. After the announcements they went straight to the audience for questions. Among the things the panelists talked about were breaking into Image, how to work through when parts of a story when it isn't working; they broke down how to make a full story into a comic book issue by issue. They also revealed what they read to generate new ideas and what they are usually doing when ideas come to them.



Garth Ennis & Avatar (44:18, 40.5mb)
Moderated by Avatar owner William Christensen. Announced is a CROSSED movie that will be made by Avatar themselves. Garth talked about coming back to write more CROSSED and then the answered questions from the audience. He talked a bit about doing more work for Avatar and Dynamite, talked about THE BOYS, why PREACHER is unlikely to migrate to film, his religious views, why he doesn't love superheroes and what he thinks of their dominance of the comics industry. He also talked about Alan Moore's work and how it kept him reading comics.

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