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Behold FURY ROAD's Maxmobile??


For some time now, Aint it Cool reader David has been scoring the Internet for interesting and insightful images from the shoot of FURY ROAD, director George Miller's upcoming MAD MAX adventure which installs Tom Hardy into the Max Rockatansky role originated by Mel Gibson back in 1979.  We very much appreciate David's thoroughness and time.  

He's back today with a compelling recent discovery, which I'll let him tell you about in his own words.  Note that a few of the images here are EMBIGGENABLE




Merrick, I'm sending you some hi-res photos of the movie's Interceptor that were taken at a charity event (French Toast and Hugs) in Swakopmund by a stuntman and posted to the board here.
There's also a short video of the charity event that was posted to Youtube and features Fury Road co-stars Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, Nicholas Hoult and Abbey Lee.  It also features the same Interceptor in the pictures being revved for the audience in attendance.





Okay.  All things being equal, it's now looking like a pretty safe bet there's a Max car in the movie.  And, for my money, there should be.  I actually do not dislike the oft-maligned BEYOND THUNDERDOME at all (I have a big soft spot for it in my heart), but I did sense the absence of a Max car.  I mean - he's a lone rider - a knight, of sorts - and lone riders/knights need a powerful steed in order for their image to be fully formed and perpetuated.  In Max's case, this 'powerful steed' is a car.  And, while THUNDERDOME did feature Max driving, it was never in his vehicle...thus there was no real way for us to connect the character to essential wheels.  Max felt...a tad disconnected from his universe.  

SO - yes - I'm glad Max will (apparently) have a car of some sort in FURY ROAD...and a very familiar one at that.  But, what does confound me about these images, and the presence of this particular vehicle, is:  what does this mean for the setting of the film?

Most indications have suggested this new picture takes place shortly after THUNDERDOME - Max's car had already been destroyed at that point in the character's timeline.  Which gives rise to several possibilities here:

1) Max finds a new car, same approximate model, and pimps it out similarly.  Seems kinds clumsy narratively...

2)  FURY ROAD's post-THUNDERDOME setting has been altered...and is now set...earlier?  

3)  This car will be used in a flashback/prologue of some sort, and HardyMax won't actually drive it in the film proper...

4)  Perhaps the post THUNDERDOME continuity has been scrapped altogether, and they're going for a full-on reboot?

Am I missing an angle?  

Really interested to see how this turns out...and am beyond stoked to see how the MAXverse will be expanded with modern filmmaking techniques, technologies, and a bigger budget.  The possibilities here boggle the mind.  Fingers crossed...




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