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John Ary From Austin Comic Con 2012: WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk!!


John Ary here with another Q&A discussion from last weekend's Austin Comic Con.  
Today we have the WWE World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.  After spending the day shaking hands, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, he arrived to his scheduled 30 minute panel and stayed until every question in the audience was answered.  This seems to be a rarity at conventions with celebrities staying only as long as they are contractually obligated.  By the end of his hour and ten minute discussion, he had everyone in the auditorium won over, including me.  
In this candid talk, he reveals the two wrestling greats that he still has yet to face, his favorite Wrestlemania moment outside of the ring, his thoughts on Ryback's rise to stardom, how the WWE designs his merchandise and his thoughts on the WWE's use of the word "Superstar" when referring to wrestlers.
If that's not enough CM Punk for you, The Dean from AICN Comics talks with the champ about his involvement with theAvengers vs X-Men hardcover collection here.
I filmed several other Q&A discussions during the con that I'll be uploading throughout the week.  For more video news, reviews and interviews subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter.





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