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THE WOLVERINE poster is a pretty snazzy one!

Hey folks, Harry here and this really is a great teaser poster for THE WOLVERINE.  But it is gonna take a lot more than that to get me all the way super-charged about a flick involving Mr Sideburns.   Now, believe me, I look at this poster, I think about James Mangold directing and I think about Wolverine in Japan - and then I think about SILVER SAMURAI and how much I hope they successfully realize my fondest hopes for that character.  But mostly... mostly I dream about Logan's romance with Mariko Yashida - and more than BLOCKBUSTER ACTION - I want their love to embody everything I embued into the Chris Clairemont tales involving them.  Now the problem is - I love this period of Wolverine beyond any other.   This story needs to be great, not just a little great - but staggeringly brilliant.   When they tell us they're making a Japanese Film Noir - that's the sort of wet dream WOLVERINE stuff that I would just die to see.  But will  they pull it off? They also seem to be pulling from some of the Frank Miller run, which is also amazing.   If they miraculously pull this off - this could be legendary good shit!   When I see Mark Bomback's name as screenwriter I get scared as hell because I hated most of his output thus far, except UNSTOPPABLE which was an alright Tony Scott flick.  Then I see Christopher McQuarrie's name - and as one of my favorite screenwriters I believe it is his draft that got this film into James Mangold's hands and I start thinking about COP LAND, WALK THE LINE and especially 3:10 TO YUMA and I hope again twice as hard.

Can't wait to see the trailer.   The poster nails it.   

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