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Aint It Cool’s TV Critic Chats Up Writer-Producer Ronald Shusett, Of ALIEN And TOTAL RECALL Fame!! Listen And Call In LIVE Saturday 8pm PT / 11pm ET!!

I am – Hercules!!

Tonight on our last show before Halloween the KERN Krew and I talk to screenwriter-producer Ronald Shusett, whose efforts include the original “Alien” and “Total Recall” movies, as well as “King Kong Lives,” Steven Seagal’s first movie “Above The Law” and the Emilio Estevez/Mick Jagger epic “Freejack.”

“Ask Mr. KERN” airs tonight in its regular 8:05 p.m. to 10 p.m. PT timeslot.

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Best of all, you, constant reader, can join this very nerdy conversation.

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Call in drunk, as I always do, but watch your language. This is not a podcast. This monster goes out over the air on all 50,000 watts of Southern California’s KERN-AM.

KERN Krew regular Stef Dias models her devil horns!

Have something better to do tonight? Want to listen to older shows? Head over to the  “Ask Mr. KERN” archives!

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