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THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS has a Red Band Featurette that lets the blood & f-bombs flow gore-ilously!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Gore Kung Fu has really been waiting to be fully explored.  Now classic SHAW Brothers had fun gore.  Loved STREET FIGHTER and the other Chiba gore fu flicks...  and STORY OF RIKI has got to be the greatest GORE FU flick of all time.   KNB did the gore on this flick, a ton of physical gags - and let's hope the CG insanity enhances insteads of destracting from what we know will be great KNB gore.    RZA's released score that came out has me very excited to see this film.   It's got a pedigree to live up to - it looks like it's playing in a different heightened realm of gore than what we got in KILL BILL - but I eagerly await discovering what this film turns out to be.

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