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Check out this proof of concept for MONSTER ROLL! Sushi Chefs vs. Sea Monsters

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Muldoon here stepping out of the jungles of obscurity to treat your eyes to a little piece of cool: a proof of concept video featuring sushi chefs fighting giant sea monsters. I don't know too much about Dan Blank, but apparently he's putting together something relatively awesome, an exploitation sushi action adventure. The 6:12 minute video below just landed in my inbox with only the link attached (If it premiered somewhere I'm unaware of - my apologies in advance). Sure, this might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure as hell has piqued* my interest. You can follow the film/filmmaker's on their Facebook group HERE, but in the mean time - crank your volume up and give the video a glance, I'd be shocked if you didn't dig it.

UPDATE: After hitting up their website HERE - I saw they had a pretty interesting vfx before and after video. I eat behind the scenes/vfx breakdowns up, so embedded below is just that. It's always cool when filmmakers openly give away their magical acts...


So what do you ladies and gents think? Ya' dig it? Hate it?


- Mike McCutchen





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