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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 Is All Set For Next October Already!!

The Kidd here...

Well, that certainly was quick.

Leaving no opportunity for uncertainty as to whether or not the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series would continue beyond this weekend's fourth chapter, Paramount president of domestic marketing and distribution Megan Colligan confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 is a go , and it'll be attempting to terrify fans of the franchise once more next October. My money's on October 18, although no official release date has been announced at this moment. 

Paramount has absolutely been hurting for a hit lately with G.I. JOE: RETALIATION and WORLD WAR Z both getting yanked off the calendar, and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films continue to deliver, so this shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Made for about $5 million, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 opened this weekend with $30.2 million. That did mark a lower opening than the previous two films domestically (although it's outperfoming PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 internationally), but it's still profit nonetheless, and with plenty of questions being left unanswered with this fourth film, there is still a viable reason to continue the story. 

As for what that portion of the story may be, who knows right now? Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, directors of the last two films, may be called upon to return, having gotten quite entrenched in the series' mythology... but the box office numbers for #4 could also have someone new behind the camera in the hopes of jumpstarting the series. I'm sure that call will be made fairly soon. 

Either way, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 is a definite in time for next Halloween.


-Billy Donnelly

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