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Yeah, Bitch!! Aaron Paul Has NEED FOR SPEED!!

The Kidd here...

If you've sat down for any length of time to take in the brilliance of AMC's BREAKING BAD, then you know Aaron Paul bears watching in any project he's involved in. Walter White may be at the forefront of the show, but, for me, Jesse Pinkman has become the much more intriguing character to watch, and that is due to the outstanding work of Aaron Paul week in and week out. 

When his name came up around the time casting for John McClane's son was underway, I had hope that Paul would land the role that eventually went to Jai Courtney. When I caught SMASHED not too long ago, I was easily able to get past the automatic Pinkman association, and was drawn into Paul's enabling alcoholic relationship with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Now that we're hearing Paul has landed the lead in DreamWorks' adaptation of the popular EA video game NEED FOR SPEED, I'm kind of psyched. After all, more Aaron Paul is a good thing. 

ACT OF VALOR's Scott Waugh is lined up to direct from  a George Gatins screenplay, and we should expect to see NEED FOR SPEED in theatres for February 7, 2014. I know, I know... it's a video game adaptation. Those never work. But what about one built around Aaron Paul...? Maybe...?

Yeah, bitch!!


-Billy Donnelly

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