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You're Going To Be Begging For More Bullets By The Time The New GANGSTER SQUAD Trailer Is Over!!

The Kidd here...

In a better world, we would have already seen GANGSTER SQUAD. However, with Warner Bros. choosing to delay the film until January after going through a reshoot of the ending, it's time for them to ramp up their campaign for the flick once again, and it starts with a pretty action-packed trailer that no one can accuse of lacking in the gunfire department. Only this time, you'll get a glimpse at the Chinatown shootout that replaces the movie theatre shooting scene.

I was ready to see GANGSTER SQUAD back in July, so I'll just have to get that enthusiasm going once more heading into the new year. 

GANGSTER SQUAD rolls into theatres on January 11.


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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