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AICN COMICS Q&@: Ambush Bug has some Quick Questions for Writer Jesse Blaze Snider on the Return of EVIL ERNIE!!!

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Quick Q’s by Ambush Bug!

Quick @’s by Jesse Blaze Snider!!!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug here with a lightning round back and forth I did with Jesse Blaze Snider about EVIL ERNIE, a reboot of the old horror series which spawned such iconic characters as Smiley, Lady Death, The Cremator, Purgatory, and of course, Evil Ernie. Snider shot back some rapid fire responses to my questions about the new book which hits shops today from Dynamite Entertainment. And now, without further ado...on your mark, get set...GO!

AMBUSH BUG (BUG): How did you get the sweet gig of writing EVIL ERNIE for Dynamite?

JESSE BLAZE SNIDER (JBS): Can't go into it, but I killed several people.

BUG: How is this version of Ernie different from the previous incarnation?

JBS: It's worse. For Ernie. Plus, no Lady. Only death.

BUG: How does Smiley incorporate into all of this? He/it has always been an important part of the Ernie mythos.

JBS: Well, he's NOT the ghost of Ernie's dead pet rat if that's what you mean? Smiley is crucial.

BUG: Lady Death was always a huge part of Ernie's story. With her owned by Pulido over at Avatar, how are you filling the DD Cup sized hole she leaves in the story? What's Ernie's new motivation if he's not looking to impress Lady Death anymore?

JBS: Ernie is mankind's savior. Love for Lady Death changed to love for all good in the world. Ernie is a romantic.

BUG: Have you talked with Brian Pulido about writing the series? I know it must be tough for him to hear a property he gave up is being done by someone else.

JBS: Yes. Yes. All good.

BUG: Dynamite is known for a multitude of variant covers by top class artists. Who do you have working on the Evil Ernie series, cover wise?

JBS: They are. Quesada (Marvel). Seeley (Hack/Slash). Bradshaw (Wolverine & the X-Men). Brereton (Nocturnals). Syaf (Batgirl).

BUG: Who is doing the art on this series? How is his take on Ernie and his world different than previous incarnations we've seen?

JBS: Jason Craig. This time, Ernie's real!

BUG: If you had to rate this comic book as if it were a movie, what rating would you give it?

JBS: Hard R.

BUG: Have you been asked to tame anything down in order to appeal to a bigger audience?

JBS: No.

BUG: How long do you see this series going? Is it a miniseries? An ongoing? A series of miniseries?

JBS: Till Doomsday.

BUG: Chaos had quite a large cast of cool characters like the Cremator, Purgatory, etc. Are you able to use those characters in this series?

JBS: They do. And yes.

BUG: What has the general reaction to folks who have found out you are writing Evil Ernie? In your opinion, what do the fans want to see with the character?

JBS: Good to my face. What we're doing, I hope.

Well, there you have it, short and sweet. Check out EVIL ERNIE: THE ORIGIN OF EVIL #1 in stores today!!!

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