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Exclusive Character Posters for Korea's THE THIEVES (opens this weekend)!

"Monty Cristo" here.


THE THIEVES is a heist movie in the vein of OCEAN'S ELEVEN. This movie has been blowing up the box office in Korea, where it's been an absolute money-printing sensation. Also, it's co-stars Simon Yam! Here's the trailer:

Looks pretty fun, right?

The movie opens in the US this Friday, October 12 in these cities (click here for exact playdates):


NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY: Bayside (NY), Ridgefield Park (NJ)

CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles, San Diego, Cupertino, Monterey Bay

TEXAS: Grapevine

GEORGIA: Lawrenceville




It expands the following few weekends, but with no announced dates in Austin...would any of you guys pay to see it if I threw a Tugg screening for it? Hit me in the Talkbacks and I'll see what I can get put into motion all quick-like.



Well Go USA has sent over three exclusive character posters which you can find below.






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