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Here are some very interesting spy pics from the set of The Wolverine, plus talk of a scene pitting Logan against ninjas!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some spy pics from the set of the new Wolverine movie currently shooting in Australia. A recent location was Sydney’s Chinese Friendship Gardens and a regular docbacker by the name of caractacuspotts caught some pictures of Hugh Jackman, some pics of the gardens themselves and a little description of some filming that went on.

Let’s start with the pics, some of them taken before shooting, so you can see what the location looks like… I, for one, am pretty psyched to see this part of Wolverine’s story being focused on. Logan vs. ninjas? Hell yes! Tragic love story? Let’s hope! Directed by James Mangold and written by Chris McQuarrie? Yes, please.









Nice. Now here’s some hints at to what they were filming in the Gardens:

Coworkers have seen live action and wire work (note the large crane in distance shot) including Jackman blocking out scenes with bulk ninjas. I myself saw a take where about two hundred Asian men in black suits and sunglasses ran screaming from the fellow with the claws.

Not super-detailed, but at least a glimpse at the world being built for this new movie. God willing it’ll make us forget about the world they built in the last one… Man, just thinking back to that movie made me shudder…

-Eric Vespe
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