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David Chase Gives Us An Idea Of What He's Been Doing Post-SOPRANOS With The First Trailer For NOT FADE AWAY!!

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Since THE SOPRANOS wrapped up on HBO back in 2007 (Wow... Has it really been five years already?), we've been hearing about David Chase working on his first feature film with no idea necessarily what type of story he'd be looking to tell. Fans of the show were of course hoping for something mob-related, but Chase couldn't have come up with something more different than his previous work.

About the only thing NOT FADE AWAY has in common with THE SOPRANOS is a little James Gandolfini; otherwise NOT FADE AWAY takes the path of a coming-of-age story built around a New Jersey band hoping to chase their dreams. The film is set to premiere over the weekend at the New York Film Festival, and it looks like those in attendance might be in for a good one from a glimpse at the first trailer from Paramount. 


-Billy Donnelly

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