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A Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie Is Actually Happening!!

The Kidd here...

I couldn't possibly make something like this up nor would I want to. Today we're closer to seeing a big screen adaptation of the popular Hungry Hungry Hippos game than we were yesterday with Hasbro inking a deal with Emmett/Furla Films that would see the Hippos, Monopoly and Action Man all getting the feature film treatment. 

The threee-picture deal would see MONOPOLY head into production first with an eye on a 2013 start date. MONOPOLY had already seen some development over at Universal as a part of their previous deal with Hasbro which had Ridley Scott producing, something he's still locked into doing as the film now moves forward. 

Emmett/Furla still needs to find studio partners to distribute all three films (I'd maybe count Universal out after all they invested in trying to make their Hasbro partnership work and the whole BATTLESHIP debacle), but they're looking to make each family oriented, which should attract some interested parties as family flicks have been doing quite well at the box office lately. 

HIPPOS right now is being eyed as an animated film, but I know I can't be the only one hoping that idea falls apart and that it's re-imaged as an ANACONDA-type flick where some poor unsuspecting bastards venture into the jungle on an expedition only to find some really fuckin' hungry hippos waiting for them... and the quest for survival is on... or maybe some giant mutant hippos. Oh, the possibilities are endless. 

And I'm not even being sarcastic.

Perhaps we could get something like this...


Or this (courtesy of EW)...




-Billy Donnelly

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