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Seth Rogen And Barbara Streisand Hit The Road Together In The Trailer For THE GUILT TRIP!!

The Kidd here...

So when did today suddenly become trailer day as every few hours it's been one after another after another being sent my way.

The latest is for the Seth Rogen-Barbara Streisand buddy road movie THE GUILT TRIP, which puts a guy in a car with his mother for eight days and then watches them accept the challenge of not killing each other. That's really how this should all go down, and I'm calling dibs on turning this into some sort of reality show, but the film goes for a much lighter tone in that the trip is sure to bring them closer together and provide a few laughs and some feel-good resolution.

I got a chuckle out of the Grand Canyon bit, but that's about it, as it feels like there should be much more to a comedy with Rogen and Streisand involved. 

Take a look...


-Billy Donnelly

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