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Deadline: Bryan Fuller’s
Unlikely To Go To Series!!
Bryan Fuller: Not So Fast!!

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Deadline Hollywood reports that “Mockingbird Lane,” the NBC pilot starring Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster and Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, is now considered unlikely to go to series.

But shortly after the Deadline story hit, writer-proudcer Bryan Fuller tweeted this:

"NBC just informed me the Deadline article regarding #MockingbirdLane was Dead Wrong. Stay tuned for updates!"

The pilot was directed by Bryan Singer (“X-Men,” “Superman Returns”) from a teleplay by  Fuller, creator of “Dead Like Me,” “Wonderfalls” and “Pushing Daisies.”

Fuller is already plenty busy as showrunner on NBC’s “Hannibal,” the prequel to “Red Dragon” and “Silence of the Lambs” due to debut at midseason. Singer has “Jack The Giant Killer” coming to cinemas March 22.

Find all of Deadline’s exclusive on the matter here.

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