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Jason Bateman Is Not Batman In The New Trailer For IDENTITY THIEF!!

The Kidd here...

Universal Pictures has debuted the new trailer for IDENTITY THIEF, which stars Jason Bateman as the victim of such crime at the hands of Melissa McCarthy, who comes armed with some big hair, some HOBBIT-like features apparently and a wide assortment of throat-punching attacks. 

There's definitely something humorous to the premise of a woman being able to walk away with the identity of a man who has a gender neutral name that's ripe for the taking, but I'm hoping there is more to this than just Bateman and McCarthy beating the shit out of each other. They're both capable of so much more.

This one comes from Seth Gordon who had an interesting idea going for him with HORRIBLE BOSSES, but couldn't really land the film... mostly due to the lack of horrible bosses in it (more Farrell, more Aniston, more Spacey please). Let's hope that's not a trend, because the talent is once again there.


-Billy Donnelly

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