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Anne Hathaway May Be In For ROBOPOCALYPSE!!

The Kidd here...

Steven Spielberg, giant robots, Chris Hemsworth AND Anne Hathaway...? ROBOPOCALYPSE sure isn't looking too bad as it starts to come together.

Of course, that casting isn't exactly set in stone. Spielberg has only had conversations with Hemsworth about fronting the adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's novel, but it's quite clear that he's his guy if they can make it work. 

Hathaway has just joined in early talks to take the female lead of Cherrah, according to The Hollywood Reporter, amidst news that Tom Rothman, the newly departed former head of 20th Century Fox, is coming aboard to produce the film. Rothman has helped bring Fox to the table on the film, which they'll co-distribute with DreamWorks (Disney will handle the domestc, Fox the foreign). 

I wasn't always a Hathaway fan, but she's been doing some really strong work over the past few years that you can't help but enjoy her consistently strong performances film in and film out. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES showed she can handle the action side of things. With her dramatic performances never in question, Hathaway would be an interesting addition to the film, as she's never really been in the lead position for a tent pole like this before. 


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