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Annette Kellerman From Fantastic Fest 2012: THE ABCs OF DEATH!!


I sure do love a good horror anthology, and since the format seems to be a 
popular one this year, I'll go ahead and reiterate the "good" part.  That being 
said, I'll cut to the chase by exclaiming that THE ABCs OF DEATH might just be 
the horror anthology I've been patiently waiting for. 
THE ABCs OF DEATH features short films by 26 directors that are each based on a 
letter of the alphabet.  T is for Toilet, O is for Orgasm... you get the idea.  
As one can imagine, with 26 different film makers from all over the world, the 
variety of stories and styles is vast. This is what I think makes the overall 
film such a success.  There is a perfect balance between straight horror and 
comedy/horror with a good dose of the absurd as well.  In fact, my favorite 
short, D Is For Dog, ends up being heartwarming despite its dirty, gritty 
setting in an underground death match. 
Along with the funny and scary, there are also a couple of groan-worthy moments 
in segments that "went there" with seriously sordid fetishes or, ahem, medical 
issues.  Oh yes, and then there are the joyfully absurd Japanese additions that 
assault the eyes with all manner of bizarre imagery and ample nudity. 
As with any anthology, there were a few of the segments that didn't work as well 
or didn't quite match the caliber of most of the other efforts, but the overall 
movie is still one hell of a ride.  In a way, the contrast of such different 
styles functions to accentuate the over- the- op parts without diminishing the 
films more subtle episodes. 
I can't wait for everyone to check out THE ABC'S OF DEATH  and pick your 
favorite part- it's not an easy choice. 
Until next time 
Annette Kellerman 
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