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Annette Kellerman From Fantastic Fest 2012: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED!!


It seems like every film festival has an obligatory pot documentary.  Just when 
I think the subject matter has been completely exhausted, yet another pot doc 
ends up on my schedule.  I've reviewed many of them over the years, but Doug 
Benson's hilarious SUPER HIGH ME is one of my favorites and made me an instant 
fan of the stand up comedian and consumate stoner. 
So, of course I was totally onboard when I discovered that Doug was screening 
THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED, yet another send up of a Morgan Spurlock doc.  
Like Spurlock's somewhat meta THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD, this  version has 
Benson filming his comedy tour to make money to fund a movie about his comedy 
tour.  Oh, and he smokes a shit ton of weed along the way. 
The documentary follows Doug and his touring partner and friend Graham Elwood as 
they cross the US on their latest comedy tour.  We get to join in the antics and 
hilarious observations the duo encounter as they navigate airports, local 
morning shows, and of course their nightly stints at small-time comedy clubs 
around the country.  The footage from the tour is nicely grounded throughout the 
film with a live performance of the two comedians on stage together recapping 
their adventure.  Interestingly, ganja really has nothing to do with the premise 
of the film.  Though it is great fun to see Benson's fans roll out night after 
night to share some smoke with their favorite funny man, marijuana is merely a 
side note.  
While, I'm not really sure where this film fits among the other films at the 
Fantastic Fest, there is no disputing that THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED is a 
genre movie.  Benson has cultivated legions of fans because of his talent as a 
comedian, but he has also established himself as the current king of the sub 
genre "pot comedy".  In addition Benson has also smartly earned his geek cred 
with his podcast Doug Loves Movies, further endearing him to yet another 
entirely new group of fans. 
THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED is funny.  I laughed my ass off.  If you're 
expecting some sort of social commentary or deeper meaning, this is not that 
movie.  If you want to kick back and giggle until your face hurts then don't 
miss this one.  Though the film doesn't have distribution yet, I am positive 
that in today's on-demand world THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER ROLLED will be on a 
screen somewhere near you soon, so be on the lookout! 
I'll be back soon with more coverage from Fantastic Fest '12! 
Annette Kellerman 
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